Crawford Road Christian School Sports Crusaders



Crawford Road Christian School was established to help families provide a quality Christian education to their children with the freamework of their own convictions and beliefs.  Our goal is to equip and enourage our families to achieve academic excellence for their children by providing a means of education in the safe and loving atmosphere of their own homes.

Mathew 4:19, And He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” NASB   

Our main focus is to “arm” our children to deal with the many challenges of life and how to conduct theirselves in a Christian Manner. Ephesians 6:10-11 NIV      

We offer soccer, archery, basketball and volleyball. Our age groups include 5th grade through 12th grade.  

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 Frequently Asked Questions:      

What is included in the registration costs? Uniform shirts,
insurance, maintenance costs, referees, general operations, and gas.


What is considered general operations?  General Operations include anything that may
come up and is not listed in the above costs. 
The general operations can go towards any needs that the program may
have, (i.e. concessions, equipment (only if not enough money is raised)
fundraising start up costs, etc.)


What is covered under maintenance costs?  Anything that we need to maintain the fields,
courts or equipment maintenance.  This
could vary depending on what it is.


Who is the insurance through? Insurance is through Crawford
Road Baptist Church and will only cover those who are playing and coaches.


Who came up with the budget and why does it say tentative?
The sports council and the administrator came up with budget. The budget is
tentative, due to the fact that sometimes costs change and we need the
flexibility to change as needed.


Will I be notified if changes occur?  Yes you will, it may be by email, letter or
word of mouth. 


Why do we have guidelines instead of policies?  Guidelines are subject to change as the
program grows or as we see a need to do so. All guidelines must be followed


Will I be required to fundraise?  Yes, there are needs that we have and as we
see fit there are things we will need to purchase. 


Will I be required to work concessions or the gate? Yes,
every parent will be required to help with these things.


When is practice, how many times, etc?  Most sports practice up to 3 times a week. This is up to the coach or coaches on the practice times and such.

How many games will we have?  This depends on how many we can get scheduled? 

Will travel be involved? Yes we do travel, the rule of thumb is, we go to them for a game and then they come to us for a game.